It is the cheapest and most effective way of advertising. Traditional printed media is only effective if the advert has reached the right buyer during circulation. After the date of distribution has passed , your advert ends up as wardrobe drawer linings or cheap packaging material. Apart from this, it is never cheap An A5 paper advert in full colour in a newspaper can cost a minimum of  5 grand. So the question remains…how many units do you have to sell to firstly pay for the add and then be profitable? Interesting question as in most instances, you never get it back. Now websites on the other hand is always available for viewing. You can manage your content effectively and dont have to worry if you will make the print deadlines when you have no clue on how to word your next add. You can change your content as often as you like without paying more. You can reach a far larger audience and not be restricted to just a print circulation.  Something to think about.