The title might sound like you are on the Starship Enterprise heading for an imminent collision with a planet inhabited by blood thirsty aliens but actually these are 3 seconds that will change whether you get the attention of a potential customer or just turn them away. I was on the internet just yesterday playing out one of my favourite past times which is just surfing and studying websites and I came across a very nice looking website. It was beautifully designed but the shocking aspect of it was that I did not know what is was about or what they were selling. Instead they were rambling on about nothing. It took me several different page clicks to finally realise that they were an advertising company. The hoot here was that they were listed as a top designed WordPress platform website and that was all they were. When you create a website, a nicely designed website is a critical factor that should tell customers that you are professional organisation and one that can be trusted but also customers MUST be able to tell what you are all about or possibly why you are on the World Wide Web. This is the 3 second attention span of your potential customer so make sure you make your impact.