Out of the many websites that are out there, how many website owners actually know how much of traffic they are getting to their website? Afterall, this information is critical for website owners to know their potential customers and to see how their site is performing on the world wide web. Fortunately for us, Google have a free tool called Google Analytics that one can use to harness the power of reporting the number of visitors, the locations of the visitor as well as the keywords that were used to find your website. The tool also has a wide variety of other fancy goodies that can assist the website owner in tweaking their website. In order to use this tool, you will need a Gmail account to sign up for this free service at Google analytics so that you can take advantage of this wonderful reporting tool. If  you are running a CMS ( content management system ) then the tracking code will need to be inserted into the template of the CMS so that all pages can be tracked. If you are running an HTML based website, then you will have to insert this code into every page of your website that you will want to monitor. Happy tracking!