Levelling the playing fieldA smart and truly well designed website can portray the image of a far larger company. Generally people are creatures of habit whereby they rather trust a larger organisation than a smaller one as they feel that this company will be in business for a long time. It is critical for an organisation to make  a good first impression. Having just a website these days in not enough, but having one that boasts competence and professionalism will make your online efforts easier.

I have seen many large organisations websites that have static content because they do not focus much effort on using their website as a marketing tool. They rely more on word of mouth or referral business. This is actually good for the smaller organisation as you now have the opportunity to outgun your competition as static content that lies dormant for a long period of time actually does not rank well with search engines. By you having a proper content managed website that you can easily update, search engines are going to rank you better than your competitors. Remember, there is a 3 second attention span to grabbing your visitors attention, so make sure you do it right.