software-development 2 At some stage you would have bought a software product that is quite neat in many aspects but it just does not do those little things that you need. Things that you know would make your life so much easier. You e-mail the company only to be told that they cannot attend to your request right now and that it will be considered and then nothing happens. We understand that this happens quite often these days. Shrink wrapped software products are designed for the mass market but not necessarily for South Africa or other countries. Custom application software development is becoming a need for many organisations. Most proprietary software that is available of the shelves cannot accommodate all the needs of the organisation. So when an organisation purchases a software package, the trend tends to lean towards the organisation running their business according to how their software performs. This does not make good business sense and a business should be run according to the vision of their stakeholders and not they way their software operates. We have a team of dedicated custom software developers that are experienced in analysing shortfalls of your software package and are able to offer fully workable and scalable custom software applications that will reduce a lot of manual processes within your business. benefits The main benefits of having custom software applications are:
  • You don't have to change how you run your business processes to adapt to custom software written the way you want it as it developed exactly to your requirements
  • The software can evolve as your business processes change
  • The custom software is easier to use as it is written in consultation with you at every step of the way
  • Additional features can be added on as and when you need them
  • You have access to ongoing personalised one on one training for you and your staff as the company that developed it in conjunction with you is the best position to offer this
  • Ongoing personalised support and problem solving direct from the developers
  • Finally there are huge cost saving factors as you only pay for what you need thus preventing bloated software with a lot of unnecessary features
We have been developing software for many years in a user friendly, jargon free approach so that you as the client can feel comfortable working with us to find the best solutions possible.  Be sure to check out our FREE software offering. We hope that it will provide you with luck



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