finding keywords Every website owner wants to be found on the internet otherwise it defeats the purpose of having a website. The common mistake that is often experienced is that they are totally invisible due to the fact that they have not chosen the correct keywords to rank for. Instead they have their business name as a keyword which is problem number one. People that are searching for products and services do not know that your company provides them so they will not be searching for your company if that makes any sense. To put things into perspective we have a business called Jim’s Builders with the domain Now instead of Jim ranking for keywords that says ” home renovations” or ” home alterations” Jim will have Jims builders as a keyword to hence he will not rank well as surfers search for products and services and not his name since they don’t know of Jim. I have heard some web designers say that your domain name must be the same as your business or it is a problem. Apart from the example of Jim’s builders which I have used just for illustrative purposes, I tend not to agree as people that are shopping are looking for goods and services and not your professional name if they don’t know you. You can have any domain name as long as you are ranking keywords for products and services offered. There are many tools out there that can assist you with finding the correct keywords but you can trust the free google tool at