check page index Having a website is critical in this day and age for any business that wants to be discovered. Website owners are under the impression that if they have a website, they can be found via the search engines. This is not always the case. I have seen many websites that are out there that I could only get to the site by typing the exact domain name and not through using generic search terms that were inserted into the search engine box. This is normally caused by a bad website design whereby there are no meta tags being included in the website so that it can be found. How does one now check page index ? It is really quite simple. You will need to type the following into the search engine box. with no 'www' as a prefix. This can be used only not only Google but for Bing as well as Yahoo. Each search engine will list the pages that they have indexed and your results will vary from search engine to search engine as they use slightly different algorithms and indexing factors. So go right ahead and see what the search engines have ranked for you. This is also a good indication of how often the search engines bots crawl your website. If pages are not being indexed on a regular basis then one needs to have an sitemap.xml file or alternatively update your existing one to tell the bots how often to crawl your website.