Search engine optimisation

SEO increases sales

Why do high search engine rankings increase your sales? High search engine rankings are the perfect way to get more website visitors, more customers and more sales. Recent statistics show that having high search engine rankings is the key to the success of your online business: Your customers are on the Internet and they have money More than 2 billion people use the Internet (Source: Nielsen / NetRatings). Web users spend twice as much time online as watching TV (Source: Stanford Institute for the Quantitative Study of Society). Consumers spend more than a THRILLION RANDS online per year worldwide. These people have money, they want to buy and they could be your customers. [...]
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Check page index

Having a website is critical in this day and age for any business that wants to be discovered. Website owners are under the impression that if they have a website, they can be found via the search engines. This is not always the case. I have seen many websites that are out there that I could only get to the site by typing the exact domain name and not through using generic search terms that were inserted into the search engine box. This is normally caused by a bad website design whereby there are no meta tags being included in the website so that it can be found. How does one now check page index ? It is really quite simple. [...]
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Anchor Text

Keyword Anchor Text: The uses of anchor text is a very important technique in assisting a website with search engine rankings. This can pertain to both on page as well as off page optimisation. This is the process whereby one would have a hyperlink that links to another document on your own webpage or an external source. If your anchor text has relevant keywords in it, then the page you are linking to will rank well for the particular keyword. [...]
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Google EMD update

Google have just announced an update to their algorithm called exact match domain (EMD). What EMD actually means is websites that have a domain name that will contain generic search terms eg. where teeth + whitening is a generic search term are affected. The impact for website owners is that websites that have "low quality content" will have their search engine ranking affected adversely. Not to anyone's surprise SEOs flooded social media channels with both complaints and praise for Google’s latest big move. Many posters complained that Google is unfairly punishing them for providing exactly what customers want; domain names that are easily searchable. [...]
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Bounce rates

You may have come across this term "bounce rate"and wonder what it means. No, this is not counting the amount of times a ball goes up and down. This term is actually an important ranking factor in terms of your website popularity. To sum it up, it means  that if a person enters a search term which leads them to your web page and if this person clicks away rather quickly back to the search page results then this is considered  a high bounce rate. This normally also means that they have not navigated further into your website. [...]
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