Online branding

It is true for a business to have a recognizable brand associated with their products and offerings. This will involve a corporate identity that will lead to advertising material such as business cards, flyers, pamphlets, brochures etc. This material can be handed out to respective clients, new and existing. The key here is that you would have to meet a client face to face, one by one to market yourself. But how do you reach a far larger audience at the same time? The question is simple.Have an online presence in the form of a website that millions of customers are trying to reach. However, not just any website but a website that instils your brand and appeals to your customers. How does one accomplish this? [...]
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Choosing the right keywords

Every website owner wants to be found on the internet otherwise it defeats the purpose of having a website. The common mistake that is often experienced is that they are totally invisible due to the fact that they have not chosen the correct keywords to rank for. Instead they have their business name as a keyword which is problem number one. People that are searching for products and services do not know that your company provides them so they will not be searching for your company if that makes any sense. [...]
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