Choosing a domain name

So you are thinking of getting a website? Let’s start at the basics. First of all you will need a domain name, which is the name by which people will refer to you. (For example, we are the team, and “cyberfox” is our domain name.) We will assist you in achieving this by finding out what names are available, or if the one you have chosen has already been taken by another business. Here is the best advice that you will get when it comes to getting that all important name – No matter who you choose to develop your website, always ensure that the domain is registered in YOUR name and not in the name of the company developing your website. [...]
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Online branding

It is true for a business to have a recognizable brand associated with their products and offerings. This will involve a corporate identity that will lead to advertising material such as business cards, flyers, pamphlets, brochures etc. This material can be handed out to respective clients, new and existing. The key here is that you would have to meet a client face to face, one by one to market yourself. But how do you reach a far larger audience at the same time? The question is simple.Have an online presence in the form of a website that millions of customers are trying to reach. However, not just any website but a website that instils your brand and appeals to your customers. How does one accomplish this? [...]
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SEO increases sales

Why do high search engine rankings increase your sales? High search engine rankings are the perfect way to get more website visitors, more customers and more sales. Recent statistics show that having high search engine rankings is the key to the success of your online business: Your customers are on the Internet and they have money More than 2 billion people use the Internet (Source: Nielsen / NetRatings). Web users spend twice as much time online as watching TV (Source: Stanford Institute for the Quantitative Study of Society). Consumers spend more than a THRILLION RANDS online per year worldwide. These people have money, they want to buy and they could be your customers. [...]
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Levelling the playing field

A smart and truly well designed website can portray the image of a far larger company. Generally people are creatures of habit whereby they rather trust a larger organisation than a smaller one as they feel that this company will be in business for a long time. It is critical for an organisation to make  a good first impression. Having just a website these days in not enough, but having one that boasts competence and professionalism will make your online efforts easier. [...]
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3 seconds to Impact

The title might sound like you are on the Starship Enterprise heading for an imminent collision with a planet inhabited by blood thirsty aliens but actually these are 3 seconds that will change whether you get the attention of a potential customer or just turn them away. I was on the internet just yesterday playing out one of my favourite past times which is just surfing and studying websites and I came across a very nice looking website. It was beautifully designed but the shocking aspect of it was that I did not know what is was about or what they were selling. Instead they were rambling on about nothing. It took me several different page clicks to finally realise that they were an advertising company. The hoot here was that they were listed as a top designed WordPress platform website and that was all they were. [...]
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Check page index

Having a website is critical in this day and age for any business that wants to be discovered. Website owners are under the impression that if they have a website, they can be found via the search engines. This is not always the case. I have seen many websites that are out there that I could only get to the site by typing the exact domain name and not through using generic search terms that were inserted into the search engine box. This is normally caused by a bad website design whereby there are no meta tags being included in the website so that it can be found. How does one now check page index ? It is really quite simple. [...]
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Call to action

Your website should be treated as a conversion factor as this is the primary focus for it being online. It does not matter whether you are a government organisation or a budding entrepreneur, your website needs customers to do something to interact with you. This is the “Call To Action”. If you are in business, you will want to get customers to request a quote or to start a trial or just to get some information about your products or your company. If you are a government organisation, you might want people to download a new piece of legislation that has an impact on their lives in a certain country. [...]
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Anchor Text

Keyword Anchor Text: The uses of anchor text is a very important technique in assisting a website with search engine rankings. This can pertain to both on page as well as off page optimisation. This is the process whereby one would have a hyperlink that links to another document on your own webpage or an external source. If your anchor text has relevant keywords in it, then the page you are linking to will rank well for the particular keyword. [...]
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Tracking your website visitors

Out of the many websites that are out there, how many website owners actually know how much of traffic they are getting to their website? Afterall, this information is critical for website owners to know their potential customers and to see how their site is performing on the world wide web. Fortunately for us, Google have a free tool called Google Analytics that one can use to harness the power of reporting the number of visitors, the locations of the visitor as well as the keywords that were used to find your website. The tool also has a wide variety of other fancy goodies that can assist the website owner in tweaking their website. [...]
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Google EMD update

Google have just announced an update to their algorithm called exact match domain (EMD). What EMD actually means is websites that have a domain name that will contain generic search terms eg. where teeth + whitening is a generic search term are affected. The impact for website owners is that websites that have "low quality content" will have their search engine ranking affected adversely. Not to anyone's surprise SEOs flooded social media channels with both complaints and praise for Google’s latest big move. Many posters complained that Google is unfairly punishing them for providing exactly what customers want; domain names that are easily searchable. [...]
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